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Recording and analyzing customer flows
using the Brinno TLC130 Time-lapse Camera

A young Swiss leading company in behaviour understanding is excited about the small, flexible time-lapse cameras from Brinno. The company has purchased 50 Brinno cameras. The Swiss company is a research and consultancy firm that analyzes customer behavior in stores and other public environments. Using these analyses, companies will improve their services and become more successful.

Customer interactions

The Brinno time lapse cameras are used in shops and malls. Over a few days we temporarily place Brinno cameras to map how shoppers move, where they stop, and what attracts their attention in the store or mall. But increasingly, we are active in other business sectors. CTO Basilio Noris: “Consider production and assembly lines, streets, and train, metro and bus stations, airports, and all kinds of transportation flows. We want to know from all those situations how people deal with the environment in which they move. We derive statistical information from movements and interactions of people and groups of people. With that knowledge, we can advise our clients.”

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Up to the task

Various types of cameras can be used to register and analyze customer flows. Why do we have opted for the Brinno camera? Noris says: “We work on a diagnostic basis. Therefore, we place cameras close to clients in places we want to know something about. We only record for a few days and then we leave. The Brinno cameras are perfect for these temporary, short diagnoses. Previously we worked with time-lapse video on standard cameras, but those cameras were not designed for time-lapse video. It was a success, but it was not perfect. However, Brinno cameras are up to the task. The easy installation and the accessible user interface are plusses that greatly reduce the risk of errors for us.”

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Flexibility of the TLC130

We have consciously opted for the TLC130 model from the Brinno product line. The CTO says: “The camera is small and easy to install in complex environments. From an industrial setting to a very small space or - whatever is possible - hardly noticeable somewhere on a street corner. In addition, the design of the TLC130 allows combination with accessories, such as additional sensors or extra batteries. This increases the flexibility in this sector. It's also important that our internal software for compressing or decompressing (the so-called codec) is the same used by the TLC130 software. For privacy reasons, we anonymize all our recordings: we can now do this without intermediary conversion. That saves hours of work when you arrive at the office with 3TB of data.”

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More Brinno’s needed

Are you considering using more Brinno time-lapse cameras?
Certainly. We are growing fast.
Our first experiences with the TLC130 helped us understand what we can do with the Brinno camera.
That's why I say: We want to buy more Brinno cameras soon.”


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