Using time-lapse to monitor cattle behavoir


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Using Time Lapse to monitor cattle behavior
and improve overall animal welfare

Feijen Diervoeders

brinno is always welcoming in depth application stories to highlight the various ways our products are being used all over the world. In this video interview with a Dutch nutrition consultant of Feijen Diervoeders we get to see how they use time lapse surveillance cameras as part of their consultations and the benefits they have reaped from doing so. Working with the MAC200DN has proven to provide invaluable information concerning the behavior of cattle in their field of work, where the welfare of animal plays a crucial part. The low maintenance and easy use of time lapse cameras have been a major plus in identifying issues and points of improvements when it comes to the tailor made food composition, the amount of food the cattle receives,  their eating behavior and sleeping patterns. Making it possible to capture hours and days of undisturbed natural movements that otherwise would have been missed in the process of identifying specific needs of the farmer clients of Feijen Diervoeders and their cattle.
Feijen Diervoeders & Kunstmest sign
Feijen Diervoeders preferred choice for monitoring cattle behavior: The MAC200DN
  • Lightweight, portable, waterproof, and powerful.
  • Long battery life (up to 14 months with a single set of batteries)
  • Low maintenance Daylight & Night Vision
  • Fast playback (quickly turns thousands of photos into time lapse video)
Explore how Feijen Diervoeders uses the MAC200DN to condense time and make it possible to review days and weeks of activity in mere minutes!
Feijen Diervoeders inside cowshed
Clear photographic evidence allows for recommendations to be supported through images as opposed to just words. Clients are satisfied and as a result their animals are able to receive the best care possible.Feijen Diervoeders
Brinno Mac200DN
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